Arthur, Illinois

Planning and Zoning

Arthur has an effective zoning plan and has recently completed a Comprehensive plan for village growth.


2007 Arthur Comprehensive Plan
    Current Land Use

In September of 2006 the Arthur Village Board adopted a comprehensive plan to guide growth and future development in and around the village.

This detailed plan includes

1. Arthur History and Background
2. Arthur Community Profile data
3. Current land Use Patterns (2006) This chapter covers land use
    definitions and a table of land use by each category. Maps a., b.,
    and c., below relate to definitions used in this chapter. Click here
    to view the 6.6mb PDF File

4. Future Land Use and Development Recommendations
5. Plan Summary
6. Maps
    a. Current Village Land Use Map
    b. Current Downtown Area Land Use Map
    c. Current Plan Area Land Use Map
    d. Urban Service Area Map
    e. Future Plan Area Land Use Map
    f.  Future Downtown Land Use Map
    g. Future Transportation Plan Map

These links are to PDF files and maps included in the plan.


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