The Arthur Village Board of Trustees is made up of a group of individuals who are dedicated to serving the public.  The Village of Arthur operates under a Trustee-Village form of government.  The President is the chief executive officer of the municipality and is elected at-large to a four-year term.  Six Trustees form the legislative body, also being elected at-large to four-year terms each.


Regular meetings are held the first and third Mondays of each month in the Village Board Room located in the Muncipal Building, 120 E. Progress Street.  All meetings begin at 7 p.m. unless otherwise announced and posted.  If the meeting falls on a public holiday, it will be held on the next day following.


Both the Municipal Year and Fiscal Year of the Village shall commence on May 1 in each and every year.


The order of business at regular or special meetings shall be as follows:
Calling the roll
Reading and adopting the minutes of the previous meeting
Reports of officers and communications,which will always be in writing
Reports of standing committees
Reports of special committees
Unfinished business
New business
Miscellaneous business
Presentation of claims


Village President

The Village President is the Chief Executive Officer for the Village and is elected at-large to a four-year term.  As chief executive officer of the Village, he or she is responsible for seeing that all laws and ordinances are enforced.  Under the Illinois Liquor Control Act, the President is the Local Liquor Control Commissioner.


The President acts as the official representative for the Village and attends numerous functions on its behalf each year. 


The President is compensated at a rate of $3,600 per year.


Village Trustees

Trustees act as the legislative body for the Village. 

A majority of the Trustees shall constitute a quorum to do business, but a small number may adjourn from time to time, and may compel the attendance of absentees under the provisions provided in the Code and State law.


Every member of the Board of Trustees shall vote upon all questions in which they are not directly and personally interested, which may be brought before the Board of Trustees for its action in such manner as to require a vote to be taken thereon.


Each Trustee is compensated annually at the rate of $1,800.


Village Clerk

The Village Clerk is elected at-large to office for a four-year term.  He or she is required to attend all meetings of the Board of Trustees and to keep a Record of Proceedings showing the date of each meeting, whether it is regular, special or an adjourned meeting, and the members of the governing body who are present. 


The Clerk is compensated at a rate of $1,800 per year plus receives an additional $15 for each meeting he or she attends.


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